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Individual Counseling

Are you falling into the same dating traps? Does he /she never call back? Are you looking for the one and cannot find her / him / they? Let me show you how to overcome your challenges.


$228 / hr

TLC Inner Circle

Do you need more access to Claudia than the individual / couples session? Do you have questions that can not wait? This membership gives you access to 1 x 60 min virtual session per month, exclusive whatsapp texting, weekly magazine with curated articles, discounts, and much more.

Per month:

$149 / mth

Couples Counseling

From pre-marital counseling to enhancing your skill set as a couple that has been together many years - there is so much learn!

Please note that an initial assessment session of $350  is mandatory (90 min including a very detailed structured couples assessment).


$295 / hr

Global Retreats

Create breakthroughs and unforgettable moments during our week-long retreats in Bali, Costa Rica and Italy. Experience immersive sessions with Claudia, practice yoga, attend excursions to explore local experiences, and so much more. 





Marathon Couples' Therapy is a specific type of therapy that is short-term and intensive. Its our purpose to help resolve your current crisis or a specific issue in the relationship. This generally involves 2-4 consecutive days of intensive therapy, with 3-4 hours of counseling per day.


$650 / day


More to come..

Watch out for more offers and content to be launched soon.



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